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About Our Pricing

Our website designs are free! There's no design or setup fee. You only pay for hosting. This will save you thousands of dollars up front.

When you sign up with you get top-notch support and free software updates. You'll also get a price break by paying annually. This will get you two months free per year, along with a prorated refund if you decide to cancel during the year.

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Your monthly fee includes all hosting expenses, support, unlimited pages, and software upgrades.

Most users also choose to use a domain name for their site. Rather than, you would choose a name such as If you already own a domain name, you can use it with us for no additional charge. If you don't yet own one, we can set you up with one for $25/year. Domain names also have email access included, so you can be [email protected].

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We make is easy to try it out! Try us for two weeks, free. You'll have access to all of our features, with no risk. If you have any questions, just email .

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